Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween - A Little on the Late Side

I love Halloween. As this is my second post concerning the dark, gothic, and - in the context of modern society - pointless holiday, I am sure that my affection is quite obvious. This year I decided to celebrate Halloween night as the Joker from Batman (as did millions of other males including Dwight, Kevin, and Creed). However, unlike the other copycats around the USA, I decided to show my respect for both of the amazing Jokers in the Batman Franchise - Jack Nicholson and Heath Ledger - and create a costume that reflected both of those ingenious and engrossing performances.

In all truth though I just didn't have the time to recreate Jack Nicholson's joker or the materials to recreate Heath Ledger's, so I did my best and came out with an accidental inbetween look. It was a lot of fun though. I didn't let on to my family who I was dressing up as and as a result I was able to surprise a few of my family members as I snuck around a corner and let out a hyena-like laugh. When I took matthew (my little brother) trick or treating people kept stopping to stare at me and little 12 year old boys thought that it was hilarious (and surely impressive to the girls that were with them) to challenge me to a fight. I was also offered candy at virtually every house we stopped at as a sort of reward for the obvious effort that went into my face paint (the clothes are all courtesy of Hawaii and Florida thrift stores by the way - the thrift stores in Hawaii are awesome!)

The only downside to my get-up was that people at our church's trunk or treat avoided me because they were thinking "who is that wierd guy dressed up as The Joker and handing out candy?" People that I have known since I was in elementary school could not figure out who I was. The missionaries even approached me to thank me for coming and to find out more about me. These are missionaries I have talked to on several occasions!

Christina, I must say, did an even more impressive job with her costume and definitely got an equal amount of stares. I did not even recognize her when she walked up to me!! I was thinking "who is this weird geisha trying to get next to me, and why am I in Japan?!" Her kimono was given to her by the sweetest little old Japanese lady who we stayed with while visiting the big Island of Hawaii.

Anyway, Halloween is great, we are already talking about what we are going to be next year. I think next time we are going to avoid the copious amounts of white face paint though.


katie kortman said...

love this entry. you sound so smart with all of your big words like "copious." no wonder you were suma cum laude. haha:) seriously though? I am glad you weren't anywhere near me for halloween because you looked really creepy. I guess that is good for halloween, but ever since that last batman movie, the joker really creeps me out. I could barely sit through the whole movie. Christina looks fab also! a perfect geisha!

Brenda and Lorin said...

wow great job on the costumes! how are you guys?