Sunday, November 2, 2008

Lacoste Fever!

Anyone who knows me knows that I love Lacoste (seriously, or you really don't know me). Flip through any photo album containing pictures of me and I guarantee that, in the very least, I will be wearing a Lacoste shirt in 80% of the photos. My brother Steve made a comment when we visited him in Colorado not too long ago that every photo he has of me over the last few years feature me in either a black or blue Lacoste shirt (they were in fact variations of the same shirt, when one of the trusty black or blue gets too faded I just ask for another for christmas or my b-day).

The point I am trying to make here is that I love Lacoste, so you can imagine my surprise and glee when my mom handed me her awesome Lacoste glasses! I love these glasses, one, because they are Lacoste, and two, because they look different from almost every angle. They have alternating black and transparent stripes which are sometimes visible and sometimes not. The first day I wore them (after I had the lenses put in) I walked into the house to find Christina (my wife) and my dad talking. When they spotted me they immediately reacted - christina audibly and my dad visually. Christina commented that I looked like a metrosexual nerd and my dad's expression said everything. I told him not to worry, I did not go to see any of his nursing home clients with the glasses on - there was an audible sigh a relief at this revelation. No matter though, I love these glasses and my mom still dresses my dad so he can hardly be considered the fashion police.


katie kortman said...

they look super cool! I wish I could see a pic with out the light shining on them though. And what does dad knnow?? He wears saggy butt pants. Gotta Love him though:)

Noorda said...

Ha! Christina tells it like it is! Love it.