Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Joe the Plumber

I could see McCain's reasoning in taking the offensive in tonight's debate. He is not going to beat Obama at portraying a cool, collected candidate. He is behind in the polls and I think he was trying to chisel out a more solid niche for himself as the aggressive, no-nonsense, "give it to me straight" candidate. There is obviously a large percentage of Americans who respond to that "strong-man," unabashedly aggressive behavior as that is our overwhelming international stereotype. Personally, I I find it hard not to naturally reject the sort of arrogant, overly antagonistic behavior displayed by McCain in tonight's debate - that, of course, is not what is important however, the issues are what are most important (although our president's behavioral quirks have a lot to do with how the world ultimately views us - President Bush is an excellent case in point).

I originally had a long post here describing my view point on what I thought were some of the more pertinent issues but then I decided that I did not want this to be that kind of blog. I want to entice people to read my blog about music, movies, books, and me rather than turn them away with my political views.

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katie kortman said...

what really got me about that debate was the way McCain was always making jeering laughs and then saying all these side comments. and half the crap he said about Obama was sOO false or twisted in a way that unknowing, uninformed people might believe. and the education crap about vouchers. who is stupid enough to think that offering a few thousand dollars to families for private schools is going to improve the education system. oh man I could keep going.