Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Only Movie I Have Seen in the Past 2 Months

As some of you may know, Christina and I recently returned to Florida after spending the first 3 years of our marriage as a somewhat poor, but undoubtedly content, college family. Our last few weeks in Hawaii were fun and exciting as we attempted to do all the "touristy" types of things we never had time for when I was a full-time student. Those last few weeks in Hawaii were followed by a two week long roadtrip starting in San Francisco and ultimately ending in West Palm Beach via Orem, UT, Boulder, CO, St. Louis, MO, and Atlanta, GA.

For four weeks following the trip we tried to make sense of our new "two-income" and both "tired and unmotivated at the end of the day" lifestyle, while setting up a temporary residence at my parents house. All said, we never really had the time or the energy to go out and see a movie - one of my favorite things. So last weekend we decided to treat ourselves to the comedy "Ghost Town." It stars Michael Scott's equivalent on the British version of the Office - Ricky Gervais - who was equal parts wit and charm (very nerdy charm that is). I highly recommend it to anyone who loves the whip-like wit of English comedians as well as those who like to enjoy a little brain candy every so often without having to be ashamed when telling others about their weekend cinematic excursion.

I don't like to ruin movies for others so I won't say much about the plot, but rather I will gaurantee that you will enjoy this movie from the beginning to the end and you will not feel like the show was a precious $20 or so wasted.


katie kortman said...

I love your writing! I wish I could write this well. and you shouldn't say michael scott's counterpart! he is the writer and director of the office. it was his brainchild, and then america decided to make a spinoff. he is the director. but besides that you could say he is michael scott's counterpart.... if you haven't seen the british office, please watch it. i can't remember if I made you watch it or not.

Andrew said...

I have watched it and I love it! I knew that you would be the one to make that exact comment haha!! Believe me, I know that the American office is a total ripoff of the original English version, but I just didn't have the energy to go into detail on the post. Most people sadly are not aware of the English version of the office, but you should expect more of me Katie as you know that I am a huge fan of British humor (look for my future post about Fawlty Towers!)