Sunday, February 15, 2009

Coraline - See This Movie!

Okay so there is one very odd, gross, and overall disturbing part in this movie which consists of a scantily clad (we're talking sequin-star covered nipples and a thong), big bosomed old lady repeatedly jumping up and down on a diving board -which goes on way too long - but putting that aside, this movie was awesome. I saw it in true 3-d (or whatever it's called) and it was an incredible visual feast from start to finish. I wanted it to keep going when it ended - and there are not a lot of movies I can say that about! I love gothic "film-scapes" (don't know if "film-scapes" is a legitimate phrase - "cinematography" is proabably a more correct word) and slightly dark, twisted stories, and this movie definately delivered both. It's definately not a true "kids" movie as it has some scary scenes and the aforementioned incident with the old lady, so don't count it out if that is the reason you are hesitating to see "Coraline."

Some kids may be scared by this movie (I felt apprehension at times I must admit). It reminds me of a movie I partially saw when I was a kid called "Witches," which scared the living daylights out of me - I was about 4 when I saw it. The part where the witches reveal their true faces caused me to have nightmares for weeks. I remember sleeping in my parents room for at least the weekend. The reason I share this with you is to express my opinion that this is not a movie neccesarily for children and I definitely do not think any kid under 10 should go and see it.

For any animation buff, this movie is a must. I cannot express to you the beauty of the movements and colors in this movie - it flat out blew my mind. I read that they actually created everything you see in this movie out of clay (in minature of course) and painstakingly filmed each scene with physical movement of the clay figures. I could go on forever, but the overall point is that this movie is incredible and I want you to see it!


Amy said...

Wow, I didn't know that I wanted to see this movie! Now I have to!

Francisco said...

Oh yeah. I saw this movie last weekend with a friend of mine. I really wish it had been in 3D. I really loved the movie as well, was pretty scary at times. I loved the Russian guy, he was soo funny. After the movie, there was a family with a little boy, and the dad said, "You OK bud?" There were soo many kids in the theatre, bad choice of movie. It looks like a kids story, but...not for kids, for sure. Like I said, there were times when I was creeped out, especially when everything was really nice and happy. Oh my! I was the most scared at those points. Later.

katie k said...

I like that you used the word "filmscapes" even if it doesn't already exist, I think it should.