Sunday, October 12, 2008

Not One of My Favorite Things

I just found out today - after spending about 20 hours in constant fear of the need to swallow and missing Mitt Romney at our LDS Church Services (can you believe that the one weekend I get sick is the weekend Mitt Romney decides to show up in our Ward and sit in the pew directly if front of my family!!) - that I have a nasty case of strep throat. It was not a huge surprise as my mom had the malady last week and frequently commented that she felt as though she were swallowing razor blades. I hold that analogy to be entirely correct. In fact, I am becoming so skilled at avoiding the urge to swallow and am doing so in such an infrequent manner that the amount of pain that accompanies each flushing of my mouthly fluids continues to surprise me!

I went to the MedExpress clinic this evening because the pain began to become unbearable, and truthfully, I was really hungry but terrified to eat. I have to mention that I think MedExpress is a great business idea - it is a homey emergency clinic open 9-9 that has some relatively reasonable set prices for seeing the doctor and they are typically able to see you shortly after checking-in (once again this is relative to the ridiculous waits experienced at hospitals). Anyways, MedExpress gave me penicillin and some pain killers but I can still only stand to swallow ice cream (at this I am not complaining as it is an excuse to eat as much of my favorite ice cream as I want without the fear of reprimand). As you can see in the picture above, my tonsils are red and swollen (what you cannot see is the delicious white puss that is oozing and coating the back of my throat).

The doctors said that strep throat is going around so make sure to wash your hands frequently and beware of who you kiss!!


Derek+Hillary+Jocelyn=Williams said...

Andrew thanks for the email...this is Derek......I'm saddened by your medical condition, but my dear friend all that you really need to do to solve your throat problem is to gargle some salt water...that's it. For someone in the top 5 percentile for shear knowledge I'm surprised you don;t know that remedy. Anyways WE miss you guys a whole bunch. Whenever I see Way ma I think of you and Whenever I'm at church and some ones brings up the subject of angels I think of Christina.
Call more often.
I read in a recent survey that 9 outta of 10 people considered Weezer equally yoke with the Beatles. SO yeah I got Weezers new album, talk about being blazer runners, Beatles have Elvis and Beach Boys to thank for their success.

Derek Christopher Williams

Noorda said...

So, did you still go to church? And watch out Christina!

Francisco said...

Hey Andrew. That picture you took of your throat, it looks like Caroline's nose. I thought you posted a picture of Caroline or something. It was pretty funny to me. I should look around for some pictures we have of caroline, I think there is one that looks just like that. I should tell Katie when she gets a little bit better. She is under the weather today also. Later.