Sunday, October 12, 2008

Instamatic Karma

Anyone who claims to be acquainted with me in the slightest knows that I have a borderline healthy obsession with the Beatles and especially with John Lennon. When my mom handed me this book last week - who herself is a great John Lennon fan and must be at least partially credited for turning me on to the Beatles - I thought that it could hold nothing new for me. How wrong I was. The images in this book are simple and show John Lennon in '73 & '74 full of life and happiness while spending time with his largely ignored son Julian (ignored thanks to Yoko), other friends - including the previously shunned Paul McCartney (shunned thanks to Yoko) - and his designated companion May Pang (designated companion thanks to Yoko).

Interestingly, and what may be the selling point for all true Beatles fans out there - and therefore Yoko Ono haters - there is not a single picture of Yoko in the entire book! These photos were all taken during the famous "lost weekend" when John and Yoko split for 18 months (not really a weekend) and John traveled around and lived with May Pang. There are some seriously cool pictures of John in this book, and I truly believe that the good feelings that prevail throughout the book are due to the absence of that breaker of all that is good - Yoko Ono.

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katie kortman said...

I looked at this book when mom got it. It does have really cool photos. I love that they aren't generated by the media, and they are very real snapshots of everyday moments. I was surprised when I read it, because I had no idea he had ever split with yoko NONO.